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The Kalahari is the largest sand desert in the world. It is characterized by its unique red sand that stretches across the landscape as far as the eye can see. Whether in the morning, when the soft light makes the dunes appear golden, or at sunset, when the magical evening light turns the area purple - the remote desert area is one of the most impressive travel destinations in the world at any time of the year or day. Mirroring the uniqueness of the Kalahari are its people who live in small and remote settlements scattered all across the desert. Some of them choose to live a traditional life, in harmony with the earth and the seasons and therefore fostering the same close relationship with nature as once their ancestors.

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The magic of the Kalahari is hidden far beyond what seems to be on offer on that first special glimpse of the horizon

Discover the Kalahari


Guests of our lodge are transported to a unique world of wonders where fiery sand, rolling dunes, camel thorn bushes and rugged cliffs merge with the seemingly endless horizon. Unmistakable red sand is speckled with lush green grass and home to countless animal and plant species that can be discovered on safari or at our local viewpoints.

History & People

It is not yet clear how the Kalahari got its name. Apparently it was a spelling mistake by former colonial generals of the word „Kgalagadi“ (Setswana gala meaning „distance“, gadi for „far, large“). Today the Kalahari is populated by the San. Some of them still live a nomadic lifestyle as hunters and gatherers. They are experts in hunting game and finding edible fruits and roots. The San and the Damara were once the first ones to settle in this region. About 100 000 members of the San still live in South Africa and many of them work in tourism nowadays.

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