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All proceeds from the sale of the book go to the Campaign Against Canned Hunting, a registered Sec 21 Non Profit.
This book has been reviewed by the prestigious New York Journal of Books.  Read the review here:
I think we are on to something exciting here. Our new book is a movie book, a new concept entirely, one which takes book illustration to the next level. Sprinkled throughout the book are the URLs for sixty video clips of Kalahari wildlife. As you read about the animals, you will be able to click on the URL and see them as they were. You do not merely read about Snooky the catatonic jackal who had been kept in a small cage all his life, and continued after release in to a large 6 acre piece of natural bush, to pace back and forth in his imaginary cage. You watch him on video.
See also, for example, Tripod the three legged caracal at
So we are presenting something that is unprecedented, designed to use all the latest technology, especially tablets, ipads and the new colour Kindle which is due out soon. Reading a movie book with e-readers will be a seamless experience. If one buys the hard copy, then the list of videos must be downloaded in to the readers PC or laptop.

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