Chris Mercer.

After a career as an Advocate practising law in Zimbabwe and Botswana, Chris came back to South Africa in 1984, and decided to retire young. He farmed in the Western Transvaal for ten years, before he and Bev moved to the Kalahari to establish a wildlife rehab centre and Sanctuary. This they ran for seven years.

Now retired at Wilderness in the Cape, Chris keeps busy running the NGO which he and Bev founded, called the Campaign Against Canned Hunting, a registered non-profit and public benefit organisation. The couple’s work has earned them awards, both in SA and international.
He is often called upon to speak on canned hunting by the media, and when the Minister was sued by the Predator Breeders Association to get lions excluded from the TOPS regulations, he was asked by the State Attorney to file an affidavit in support of the Minister’s defence.

Bev Pervan

Bev has had an adventurous life.  She sailed across the Atlantic in a small 38 foot yacht and spent six years in USA before returning to South Africa when her first marriage broke up.  She has worked as a volunteer on the Sea Shepherd ship The Steve Irwin, and spends her time rescuing birds and animals, wherever she may be living.  She is a strict vegetarian.

The couple are authors of the book “For the Love of Wildlife” the true story of one Namibian farming family’s efforts to set up a lion sanctuary.

Chris and his two sons



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